Baptismal Ministry

Baptism and Prayer Room Ministry 

Mission Statement

The Baptism and Prayer Room Ministry is a soul winning ministry dedicated to guiding new believers through the new birth process.  Our mission is to work with our Pastor, as we endeavor to reach everyone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to counsel and encourage the down trodden, and strengthen believers everywhere through our prayer ministries. Pray for the freedom of those who are bound and show them a way of escape from the snare of the adversary. Working in love, point the wounded in the Spirit to the healing and restoration Power of our GOD.

Ministry Activities:

We pray for our pastor, the ministerial staff, and all the people of God.  Encourage the downtrodden, strengthen believers, uplift and maintain the highest standards of morality, and encourage all believers to seek a Spirit-filled life.

Having a genuine concern for souls, and realizing the infinite value of one soul, we see every soul as precious in the sight of God. And so we,

  1. Counsel those seeking new birth in Christ by using the word of truth, and to explaining to them the plan of God for their salvation.
  2. Baptize souls in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the apostolic doctrine Acts 2:1-4, 38.
  3. Consecrate ourselves before the Lord as we pray the prayer of intercession and deliverance for Gods’ people.
  4. Seek to provide the new saint with a firm foundation in Christ Jesus as they go on to serve faithfully in all things in him.

Our members are drawn from the Ministerial Alliance, the Missionary Department, A Call to Grace Follow-up & Prayer Line Ministry, and others with a special burden for the salvation of souls as approved by our Pastor.