New Covenant Partner Program

Lady Crisette and I am so pleased that you have considered partnering with Greater Grace Temple. Your consideration is not taken lightly. By partnering with us, it ensures, we are able to further take the gospel to a lost and dying world.

When you partner with Greater Grace Temple it is a covenant that allows our ministry to expand outreaches such as our television ministry that reaches untold thousands of homes; our various outreach initiatives such as our annual Illustrated Sermons, Back to School Festivals, Law Enforcement Appreciation and Prayer Day, and our Annual Bike Give away just to name a few. With your help we can take the gospel even across the globe to many other countries. We can assist more communities with less fortunate persons better their quality of life while introducing them to Jesus Christ.

Upon partnering with us we will send you a partner welcome kit. That kit will include ministry resources and further information about our New Covenant Partner program.

Let me take this time to again thank you for your consideration being in covenant with our Greater Grace Temple. In covenant, we can do so much more.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III
Senior Pastor

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