GGT Ministers of Defense (MOD)

The Ministers of Defense (MOD) is a dedicated body of individuals (men and women) who serve at the pleasure of Greater Grace Temple for the purpose of creating a safe and peaceful worship environment.  It is the goal of the Ministry to promote, serve and protect the Pastor, the first family, congregational members,  and visitors; GGT property and assets from those who wish to create havoc and/or harm.

We respond to emergency situations in a calm, compassionate and knowledgeable manner so as not to disturb the Spirit of the Lord.  MOD’s training and specialized members are able to deal with any and all situations in an orderly manner.

Our motto is… “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.  For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God..”  Romans 11:5

We give God the Glory for providing our Ministry with a quality of prudence, sensibility and Godly understanding.