Mighty Men of God

The Mighty Men of GOD (MMG) Mission Statement

To build a Christian foundation and outlook for men from the word of God that will produce disciples for Christ, and Mighty Men of God. » John 8:31-32,13:34-35

To empower men through the word of God and change the belief that success is measured by the world’s standards. True success is measured by God’s word. » Psalm 1:1-3

To teach men through the word of God, how to live a life of true heart transformation, and not one of behavior modification. Change what a man believes and his behavior will follow. » II Corinthians 5:17

Shelby A. Hunter, Sr.
Director, Mighty Men of GOD (Men’s Ministry)


  • 03/8/14 – Join our Phone Prayer and Meeting w/Bishop Ellis.
  • For details on MMG Phone Prayers – (CLICK HERE)

More Details on Church Calendar or at the MMG table in Vision Hall.