Grace Ministerial Institute

  • Mission: The mission of the Greater Grace Temple Ministerial Institute is to provide adept ministerial training for candidates that desire to serve the Lord with a spirit of servitude and excellence. Also to follow the divine vision and design given to our Pastor for the congregation and the community at large. Our mission is also to cultivate faithful disciples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as instructed in the Holy Scriptures. Also, we will offer tools and methods to enhance your spiritual walk and function effectively as a vessel of God. We are committed to move willing vessels from laity to ministry by examining the following:
    • Explore concepts of ministry. Identify the “REAL” cost of ministry.
    • Define the purpose of the minister in the Body of Christ
    • Cultivate a climate of scriptural discipline
    • Stages of ministerial growth; Consecration, Incubation and Manifestation
  • Components of GMI:
  • The GMI is a 12 week course that will be conducted on Wednesdays at  6:00- 730p.m. and Sundays at 9:15- 10:45a.m. Our Wednesday sessions will encompass course instruction and discussion. Our Sunday sessions will consist of practical application. It is designed to establish a solid foundation for ministerial training and to prepare and equip the new leaders to walk in their calling and serve the Lord with honor and distinction.
  • Once the candidates successfully complete the 12 week phase training course, the next step is the “45 Day” Internship.  The Internship is designed to focus on foundational ministerial activities and currently develop a specialty skill set.