Ministry of Information Technology


To effectively use our combined knowledge in providing guidance by way of Information Technology to Greater Grace Temple.

Our Mission

To be instrumental in maximizing the use of existing / new hardware and software with the intent of developing a sound, flexible, infrastructure to support our ministerial needs in a technical environment as technology evolves.

Current Activities

Our primary focus is providing web based solutions for ministries. We are currently serving the Men’s and Women’s Transition housing by providing hardware, software and internet filtering support. Additionally, we are working with the Men’s Ministry for Social Media education projects. A Call to Grace, our prayer ministry, has a Soul Information Portal in development to capture baptismal information in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. Lastly, we research and develop advanced technology projects like the proposed ministry-to-ministry portal and Content Management Systems (which led Greater Grace Temple to choose Joomla! and now WordPress as the current website platform).