These are the affirmations from New Year's Eve Service given to us by First Lady Crisette Ellis. As we go into the new year, speak these things over yourself and have faith! Rom. 4:17

Your words are powerful, and it is important to speak in faith. Your words will help frame your future and bring great success. The scriptures are filled with promises and truths that should be embraced and released through your mouth. There are many hidden promises that must be mined from the word.

This is a season of the Rush

I receive a rush of favor

I receive a rush of the Holy Spirit

I receive a rush of blessings

Let heaven rush upon my life

Let angels rush on my behalf

My God will rush to my defense

My God will rush to my deliverance

I will rush forward

I will rush into prosperity

Let the Spirit of God come like a rushing mighty wind

Let rivers rush forth out of my belly

Let the winds of God rush on my life

Let souls rush into the kingdom

I receive a rush of miracles

I receive a rush of breakthroughs

Let acceleration hit my life

I will rush past my enemies

I will rush through every obstacle

I will rush through every hindrance

I will rush over every wall

Let my business receive a rush

Let my ministry receive a rush

Let my dreams and visions receive a rush

I will rush out of the Old into the New


1. I decree a thing and it is established

(Job 22:28)


2. I believe therefore I speak

(2 Corinthians 4:13)


3. I will not be snared by the words of my mouth

I will not be taken captive by the words of my mouth

(Proverbs 6:2)


4. I will speak and be refreshed

(Job 32:20)


5. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer

(Psalm 45:1)


6. I speak life

I speak life to my body

I speak life to my bones

I speak life to my heart

I speak life to my kidneys

I speak life to my liver

I speak life to my lungs


7. I speak life to my blood

I speak life to my dreams

I speak life to my loved ones

I speak life to my ministry

I rebuke all spirits of death and destruction

(Proverbs 18:21)


8. I have abundant life

(John 10:10)


9. Christ is my life

(Colossians 3:4)


10. I have the spirit of life

(Romans 8:2)


11. I have the word of life

(Philippians 2:16)


12. My life is hid with Christ in God

(Colossians 3:3)


13. I will understand the times

(1Chronicles 12:32)


14. My times are in God’s hand

(Psalm 31:15)


15. I Will Walk Safely, And I Will Not Stumble



16. I And My Children Will Increase More And More

(Psalm 115:14)


17. I Will Receive A Sure Reward



18. God rewards me openly

(Matthew 6:6)


19. I Will Receive And Enjoy My Portion

(Ecclesiastes 5:18)


20. I Will Not Eat The Bread Of Sorrows

(Psalm 127:2)


21. I am redeemed from grief and sorrow

(Isaiah 53:4)


22. I am redeemed from sickness and pain

(Isaiah 53:4, Christian Standard Bible)


23. My sins are forgiven

My sickness is healed

(Psalm 103:3)


24. By Jesus’ stripes I was healed

(1 Peter 2:24)


25. Jesus carried my infirmities

(Matthew 8:17)


26. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might

(Ephesians 6:10)


27. God’s virtue flows to my body

(Mark 5:30)


28. God is the health of my countenance

(Psalm 43:5)


29. God brings me health and a cure

(Jeremiah 33:6)


30. I Will Not Plant And Another Eat It Up

(Isaiah 65:22)


31. I will not build and another inhabit 

(Isaiah 65:22)


32. I will enjoy the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living 

(Psalm 27:13)

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