Children’s Ministry

We all want our little ones to grow up knowing our Lord.  What better way to facilitate that than for the little guys to have their own church!  That’s what we do in the GGT Children’s Ministry.  We call it simply “Children’s Church.”  Our kids learn that God loves them and that he can use them at any age.

They serve as deacons, ushers, choir members, praise leaders and much more.  Add to that an innovative adult ministry staff, and you have ministry and instructs, and via the Holy Ghost changes lives.  Here’s just a taste of some of the activities

¨      Elementary Sunday School

¨      Children’s Church

¨      Children’s Choir

¨      Special Field trips

¨      Puppeteers for Christ

¨      Girl & Boy Scouts

¨      Christmas Caroling

And much more…

One of the most impressive events has been our “Interactive Illustrated Sermons.”  In fact, these are pretty popular with the adults too.  In them, the staff uses drama to “illustrate” the gospel message.  The youngsters have roles, and even those in the audience are “taken into the action,” and participate.  “I’m Outta Here” which dramatizes the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt was complete with the parting of the Red Sea and the building pyramids.  We thank God for this dynamic ministry and the dedicated staff who make it happen each week.


Thursday Morning

Children’s Ministry-Outside the Box

  • Ignite interest in the Word
  • Registration & Security
  • Children’s Ministry Ideas & Special Events


Thursday Afternoon

Puppet Ministry

  • Starting your own ministry
  • “Hands-on Performance” training
  • Blacklight Puppetry, Props & Equipment


Friday Morning

Illustrated Sermons-Experiencing the Bible

  • Keeping it “Simply Spectacular”
  • Interactive Illustrated Sermons
  • Props / Special Effects

We look forward to seeing you there May 4-6, 2016.  God bless.